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First of all, we just got back from the most beautiful wedding of the most beautiful people. Lemme tell you.



Have a damn special place in our hearts.

Talana and Martin moved heaven and earth so that we could be at their wedding in Johannesburg (a two hour flight from Cape Town, where we live) this weekend. And we could not WAIT to get there and spend time with them. And it was every bit as awesome as we knew it would be! I don’t think I’ve ever bawled at any wedding as much as I did at theirs [note: this is Danelle typing! Ben was pretty beardly and shed a few beardly tears while I was sobbing like a moron]. The church and venue were beautiful, as was the ceremony, AND THE COUPLE’S DACHSHUNDS WEARING TUTUS AND A TUXEDO(!!!), but the most beautiful thing of all was seeing my friend Talana, who had lost her leg a few years ago to a neural disease, WALK down the aisle with her dad, on her new artificial leg. She and Martin also had their first dance together. I was totally overwhelmed, it was the most beautiful thing to see them, being happy and strong and so very in love.

They are such an inspiration to me and Ben and we just want all the best things in life for them. We know they’ll be very happy because they fit together like peas in a pod. ;D We feel blessed, we feel happy, and we feel loved by good people, and that is worth all the gold in the world to us. <3

There was a photo booth where people could have their photos taken and have them printed out directly. Ben and I had some done… here they are for your viewing pleasure:




We don’t really have photos of the couple at the wedding itself, because we wanted to focus on being there instead of trying to take photos of everything. The photographer they had there is really good and we had a pic taken with them as well, and if you guys want, we’ll put it up here when we get it. (That is not a real fur, by the way, it’s just a really nice-looking faux one.)

NOW, gushing aside… on to other news:

Grahamstown was awesome, and we got a lot done in terms of script, etcetera. We made ourselves into locals at a coffee shop there, and spent every free moment we had working on Cottonstar. Here is a pic of Danelle with our programmer, John, who was also at the festival for a day or two. Now you can all see what he looks like. :D Thanks for all your hard work, John!




And a pic of Ben swabbing the poop decks, because that way it balances out:




So this other big project, the one that actually ate up our Cottonstar time, is finally complete (minus the final edits after the comic has been shown to target groups) – and we are super chuffed with how it turned out. It was a huge amount of work, but we learnt A LOT, and we are pretty pleased with the level of work we produced. And the client was really nice too, which always helps motivate you to big projects such as this. Seeing as the client had already shared some of the pages here, We thought it would be cool for us to show you a bigger version of one of those pages they have on the site. Here is page 4 of Kweku Tsin and the Black Dragon, a comic book adaptation of a Ghanaian folk tale about how the sun, moon and stars were created. The target audience is pre-teens to young teens, and possibly some reluctant older teens as well.




The full comic is 28 pages long – all in this semi-painterly style, so you can understand why it took us so long.

NOW, for the really good news. We’ll be updating again as of next Wednesday. We’ll try and do multiple updates to make up for lost time. The new chapter will be longer than the first two, at 32 pages, plus epilogue. Want to see some of the script?? HERE IT IS:






Right, so, thank you for bearing with this meandering blog post. The tl;dr version is that we are back on track for producing Cottonstar pages. And that we have wonderful people in our lives. :)



  1. Adrolien at July 22, 2013, 00:09

    those photobooth pics are just… and ben swabbing the deck! Brilliant xD

    Thanks for sharing with us and can’t wait for the updates woooo!

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