International orders now available!

Yes indeedy! We’ve managed to sort out our Paypal situation, which means we can now FINALLY take international orders on our comics! We’re pretty excited and hopefully you are, too!

Here’s a list of thingie things we have for sale (all prices exclude postage):
– Chapters 1 & 2 at $6 each.
– Chapter 3 at $8 each.
– Chapter 1,2 & 3 combo at $18 each.
– Chapters 1 & 2 sketched editions at $12 each.
– Chapter 3 sketched editions at $15 each.
– Assorted A3 posters at $6 each:


Reka With a Pearl Earring

Chat Noah

Chat Noah


Cottonstarry Night


A3 canvas prints of the above posters are also available on request at $50 each.
All comics will be signed and numbered.



Now, shipping is where it gets tricky, because there are so many different regulations for mailing parcels internationally from South Africa. We also need to charge for packaging materials and handling.

Here is the breakdown:
– For up to 4 regular comics, please add $5.
– For 5 and up regular comics, please add $3/item – for example, 6 comics would come to $18.
– For sketched comics, add $4/item. If you order a mix of regular and sketched comics, add $3 per regular comic, and $4 per sketched comic.
– For posters, which come rolled in a mail tube, add $12.
– For canvas prints, it will be $35, plus $18 per additional canvas.

If you require registration of your mail, it will vary from item to item, but here are the basic rates:

For medium letters (up to 4 regular comics): $3

For large letters (5-10 regular comics): $5

For small packets and parcels (everything else): $3 per100 grams (or part thereof).

We’re exploring avenues to reduce postage fees as much as possible, and will put up a blog post if there are any developments in that regard.

How To Order

Please send us a mail (contact info can be found here) stating which items you would like, and in which quantities. Please be clear about this. Add your address and contact number (including international dial code) in the mail. We will make out an invoice and send it to you, after which you can transfer the money into our paypal account. After we receive the funds, we will mail out your order. We’ll notify you once this is done. After that, your items ought to arrive within two weeks.


Hooray! 😀 We’re so happy to finally be able to offer this service!


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