Life update!

Hey everyone!

We hope you’re doing well. The year is really flying by. For us this is in no small part because we are planning our wedding… Everything suddenly seems terrifyingly close, with terrifyingly large amounts yet to be arranged… not to mention paid. *sweats* >_>’

BUT enough about that (for now).

We have a couple of things to touch on. Firstly, the Animation Festival artists alley was really small and not very well attended, so we did not really make a lot of money. I was sick for most of it as well so Ben had to run the booth alone (sorry Ben!). As a result we didn’t really end up taking photos, sorry. ūüôĀ Regardless, it was the first of its kind for Animation Fest, and we’re looking forward to seeing it grow and will likely remain involved in future events. We have high hopes for its future development.

Secondly, we know we’ve been skipping updates again. This is due to several things, including but not limited to Ben’s wisdom tooth surgery. He’s going in for another round later this month to do the other side, but that will hopefully be the last of it and he can go back to eating¬†whatever he likes soon. We also had some freelance things to attend to, and I have been adjusting to new medication, and the doctor found a lump in my breast for which I had to get ultrasound (I went for that on Monday and am very¬†relieved¬†to report that it is nothing serious!). So my headspace¬†at the moment has been oscillating between “no,”¬†“ugh”¬†and “make it stop.” I’m sure things will normalise soon but at the moment things are a little bumpy. People have mostly been very understanding at least, so thank you for that! It really is appreciated!

Thirdly, I am¬†featured in Marie Claire SA this month! The feature is called “The New Guard” and is all about women shaking up the status quo in their respective fields. They reached out to¬†me because of my involvement in¬†Cottonstar and¬†the South African indie comics scene. I still can’t quite believe that they included me along with such prominent SA women. I’m really honoured¬†and extremely flattered. Thank you to Sarah Koopman for involving me in this! Sadly the magazine is not available for purchase overseas,¬†but I did scan the pages and put them up on my facebook art page. You can check it¬†out here.


Aww, baby’s first magazine feature! ^3^

Fourthly… FANCON. Guys, we are so excited. Things are coming together. There is now an official facebook event page and tickets are available via Computicket. Also remember that you can follow them on twitter! We RT things from them on our own twitter too. If you’re not following us yet, why not?? We aim to have Chapter 5 done before FanCon so that we can sell it there. This will mean some knuckling down and late nights, but we are looking forward¬†to seeing it in print! We also have the next cover artist lined up and we are SO EXCITED. We can’t wait to show you. But that will only happen after FanCon… unless you are AT FanCon, then you can get a sneak peek. >:)

Lastly, Ben has written quite a nifty blog post for Indie Comics SA about the process that goes into creating our comic. You can check that out here!

That’s about it from us for now. Until next time!


Ben & Danelle

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