Realtalk time

Hey guys. 

I’ve been avoiding making a long blog post about this, because I hate to get all super serious on you guys. But I guess it’s time now… so please bear with me!

We’ve been going through some “life upgrades” lately. Ben’s car got trashed by thieves and we had to get a new car. We achieved this by selling my busted up golf (which came with its own slew of nasty financial surprises) and also taking out a bank loan. We’ve switched over to Photoshop CC, which means we have that cost extra per month. We’ve both had a bunch of health issues (you all remember the plague from hell right? Well, Ben got it too, after I finally got better after a month), family needing support, etc… and it’s been costing us a great deal of cash. Meanwhile, inflation is rampant, freelance work is scarce, Ben is underpaid and overworked, and the bottom line is that we’re really starting to struggle to keep our heads above water financially. 

Ever since we started our Patreon page, our wonderful and generous (and the time of writing, only) patron has been helping us out so much. The Patreon funds have been covering medication and other bills, and has actually helped us not go without electricity or food at times. We’re not going to stop making Cottonstar! But we do however really need some more help at this point. We thought we were okay, and then suddenly we were not. Prices just skyrocket all the time and when it rains unexpected bills, it pours.

So what I am asking you guys is to consider pledging some money to our Patreon page. You can make it as low as a dollar per page, it really really will make a difference to us. The money gets debited from your card at the end of the month, and you can cancel your pledge if your financial situation changes. There’s an FAQ and a description to help you out with any other questions you may have. You can click on the Patreon button in the sidebar to the top right of the site, or you can click here.

There are some rewards for pledgers, like postcards, sketches, livestreams, etc. Please do consider pledging!

Alternately, we also have some stock for sale, and Ben and I are both currently taking commissions. Here are the relevant links: Ben’s commission info | Danelle’s commission info

The link to our international postage and stock rates is here.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us in the past, we couldn’t have come this far without you. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps out. You have no idea how thankful we are!

I apologise for the heavy nature of this post. Please don’t worry, we’re not going to stop making our comic. We just need a bit of help.

Thanks guys.


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  1. […] First of all, we’d like to say a huge big THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up to support us on Patreon! You guys are helping us tremendously! You don’t even know how much. If you are currently not supporting us on Patreon, and would like to do so, please click here to do that! Even just $1 a page helps us. You can also set a cap on your expenses, so that you don’t pay more than you bargained for if we upload more content than usual. For more info on why we really need and appreciate your financial support, please go here. […]

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