Update schedule until Free Comic Book Day

More specifically, the lack of one!

Things have been really busy at Ben’s work and since I can’t do much without the lines, our updates tend to fall behind. We HAVE to finish Chapter 3 before the end of April otherwise we won’t be able to print it for Free Comic Book Day. So that will definitely happen. But our current working hours aren’t very conducive to a regular update schedule. We’ll still upload them as we finish but it probably won’t be on Wednesdays. We might get a week gap where we can do two pages, or we might not be able to do pages at all until close to deadline time. We’ll see.

There’s still page 28, 29 and 30 to do, and the epilogue. After that we’ll probably take a short break so our cover artist can finish up the cover for Chapter 4. Exciting! 😀 We’ll have some guest comics and/or filler content for you though, no worries.

Besides the new comics, we are also working on some shiny new prints to sell at FCBD. You may have seen two of them already in the gallery – Reka With a Peal Earring and Cottonstarry Night. We’re planning to make a few more fine arts tribute pics like that. We might even sell them online if they do well at FCBD.

Thank you guys as always for your support and understanding, and most of all for reading our comic! 😀


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