UCON 2015

Cottonstar will be at UCON 2015! :3

Firstly, an important note about www.indiecomics.co.za – the shop will not be closed for December, as previously stated! However, the shipping deadline for Christmas is over.  Apologies if you were hoping to order something in time for Christmas! Thank you for your understanding, and a special thank you to those who have been buying our stuff from the site. You guys are great! 🙂

Yes, it’s almost time for UCON! If you are in Cape Town on the 5th and 6th of December, make your way to the UCT Sport Centre to get in on the action. Ticket prices are R35 (1 day) and R55 (2 days) for students, and R55 (1 day) and R80 (2 days) for non-students. If you want to skip the queues over the weekend, members of the Genshiken team will be at UCT Sport Centre between 1pm-5pm on Friday the 4th to presell tickets.

We will be here:

UCON floor plan

We have never been involved with UCON as merchants. Since its inception in 2013, UCON has seen exponential growth, which has convinced us to give it a chance this year! Of course, since it is not strictly a comics event, we have a whole lot of other merchandise that we will be selling alongside Cottonstar. Some of it is merchandise we’ve had for a while, but much of it is brand new. Here are some things you can expect:

Original art in a range of sizes

This includes a range of work by myself and Ben, everything from sketches to paintings, and a large chunk of our Inktober work, too!


Our usual stock of A3 prints, as well as two new designs!

We can only show you one of the new designs because we are still working on the others, but trust us, they’re going to be great! Other prints that will be on sale include: The Great Wave off Cape Town, Chat Noah, Reka With a Pearl Earring, Cottonstarry Night, Punk Rock Pokémon (as featured on Pixalry), SMB vs The World, Mulleted Fury, The Armoury and the Chapter 2 cover, done by Lynton Levengood from The Modern Dragon. One of our brand new prints will be… Future Finn!



Stickers, including a few best sellers and several all-new designs!

We’re pretty excited about these! We’ve revamped our collection, taking out some of the designs that were less popular, and adding a bunch of cool new ones! The sphynx kitties are now available in: Yellow/pink, Blue, Dark, Turquoise, Calico and Galaxy! We have three new winged weenie designs and we have made our cast portraits into stickers. Lastly, we now have stickers of the Cottonstar logo! All stickers are printed digitally on vinyl, and are UV coated so you can use them outdoors. That makes them perfect for your car!

Our usual buttons & magnets

We still have plenty of Party Starter and Keep Calm and Let Me Cook magnets left!


Hand-made greeting cards

I’ve had these cute little cards for quite a while! I made them for a craft market a few years back and never got around to selling the remaining stock, so it went into storage. They will be for sale once more at UCON, at a special discount! They are available in an assortment of designs and are about 74 x 105 mm in size.


All stock left over from UCON will be made available for purchase online.

What else can you expect from the expo? Besides lots of vendors with interesting wares, there will also be a Maid Café, cosplay contests, belly dancing and martial arts demonstrations, raffles, and lots more. Our friends Readers Den will also be there. Many of the vendors will have Snapscan available, but there will be no card facilities, so be sure to bring lots of cash. There are ATMs from all major banks on campus, too.

You can find a complete list of vendors and activities/contests on the UCON Facebook event page. You can also follow the UCON on twitter.

We hope to see you there! Swing by, support local creators, buy original creations, nerd out, stay hydrated, have fun!


Danelle & Ben

Cottonstar on Patreon

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