Welcome, new Reka!

You may recall this blog post we did about Reka. We promised to redesign her, starting with her facial tattoos. We started with the latest pages and worked our way back, and now all of the pages which feature Reka ought to be up to date. It’s currently around 1am so please tell us if anything looks broken or in the wrong order or anything like that. It should be fine though.

We can’t do anything about anything that has been printed up to this point, but that’s okay. Our intentions were good, we messed up but we accept it all as a part of our creative evolution, and we’re moving on.

This was a bit rough, but we do feel very much at peace about our decision. Thanks again for your support guys.


Ben & Danelle

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  1. Good job! But… missed one, I simply hit ‘first’ under the current comic.
    I for one, really appreciate you trying to be culturally accurate, rather then reinforce misinformation, the views of the Benevolent Conquerors.

    • Ah, yeah, that unfortunately is a flat painting and not a layered PSD. We’ll fix it but it requires some repainting, so it’ll take a wee bit longer. Thanks though 🙂

  2. Oh how I love Reka, the rest of the crew too, I just reread the first 30 or so pages. Reka looks great. Of course, I love Noah a lot too.

  3. I think it’s really great that you both went out of your way to do this.
    Well done 🙂

    • Thank you, we’re hoping to avoid any similar mistakes in future. It’s depressing how ingrained these kinds of things are. :/

      • Yes, it’s depressing how well trained consumers and purveyors is Mis/Disinformation we are, under our nationalistic educations, where we are to worship authority, as only malcontents want and education and then ask uncomfortable questions.
        The Cottonstar shines brightly.

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