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Inevitable disappointment looms.


On a more sober note, we wish to extend our condolences to everyone who lost loved ones today on flight MH17, as well as in the attacks on Gaza. Tragedies unfolding everywhere, it’s really horrific.

Today, as we upload this, it is also the late and great Nelson Mandela’s birthday. We are celebrating Mandela Day today. We are sad to see such tragedy happening, especially so on a day when we honour Madiba, who stood for peace and solidarity among people.

We are sending prayers and positive vibes to all involved.

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“Keep Calm and Let Me Cook” posters now available!

If you liked Reka’s poster from chapter 4 page 4, we now have them available for sale! They’ll be at Open Book Comics Fest as well, but you can also order them directly from us. They are A3 sized and cost R60 or $6, excluding shipping. If you want to hang on until Open Book Fest, they will be available for our special booth price of R50.


Keep Calm and Let Me Cook

What a fine item for your home