Happy Holidays 2017!

Happy holidays, dear readers!

This pic was drawn by Ben and painted by me! šŸ™‚

No, we’re not dead! Ben just has an enormous amount of freelance work to do. He can’t post what he’s been working on publicly yet because it’s for a kids book series that isn’t complete yet. There’s also an animation and app tie-in, which is pretty exciting! We’re looking forward to sharing the final product with you! But for now, gotta keep it on the down low.

From both of us here at Cottonstar, please have a wonderful festive season and if it’s a stressful time for you, just remember that you’re not alone. A lot of people find it stressful, including us! Just reach out and talk to someone you trust.


Danelle & Ben

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Shattered Realms

Hey all! Just a quick post to show you what Ben is currently working on in his nine-to-five!

He is doing protagonist sprite animation for Shattered Realms, a scroller/brawler that plays like a fighting game. Think Golden Axe meets Street Fighter. You can download and play the pre-alpha here! It is being developedĀ by Kopskop Games, incubated by Free Lives – ie the people behind Broforce – and will hopefully be picked up by a publisher soon after the incubation period ends.

And this is the intro video:

Disclaimer: it already looks a lot different, because the new sprites have been introduced, and will keep changing significantly as the development progresses.

Here’s the sprite that Ben has been working on for the past two weeks or so:

lynx sprite shattered realms

So far his hours seem good. FOR NOW. Anyone who’s ever worked in game dev knows that the hours can get long and grueling, but at this early stage it’s still calm enough to leave Ben time for freelance illustration, and yes, for Cottonstar! We’re currently roughing out the next few pages.

You can follow more Shattered Realms development process via their Twitter, Facebook Page or their Make Games SA thread.

Talk soon!


Danelle & Ben

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