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Hey guys.

First of all, thanks for all your patience with the pages and sporadic updates. This time of year is seeing us showered with freelance work, which, while amazing and making sure we have enough to survive on for the next few months, also interferes with the time we normally use to work on Cottonstar. In fact, we pushed so hard that my drawing hand/wrist is now strapped up and in a brace, and I am spending quite a bit on physiotherapy (which, once again, your Patreon donations are helping with tremendously. So THANK YOU!). The bad news is that part of it is genetic and that I’ll always be susceptible to injury. The good news is that I can take some measures to take better care of my body. It’ll get better sometime, but for now I need to rest my drawing hand as much as possible inbetween contracts. This means that apart from his day job, Ben is now going to be stuck both doing lines AND colouring the pages, which makes them take twice as long to complete.

Right now we’re juggling multiple projects which will hopefully see some amazing life upgrades happening in the not too distant future. We’ll tell you all about it when the time comes! :3 But we can say for now that it will probably impact the comic positively.

We will really do our best to still get out a page a week. This is just a heads up that we might be taking more breaks than usual. After this we are definitely going to try extra hard to build up a buffer. This is easier said than done. Every time we think we’ll have some time off to start making the buffer happen, life just gets in the way.

Things aren’t all bad though. This freelance work has allowed us to upgrade our current office situation – a better monitor for Ben, which we can double team with mine to record livestreams and make timelapse videos for you guys, and a very much-needed hardware upgrade for his PC too, so he can be more productive with it.

We simply could not have done all this without your generosity. Patreon has carried us through some very difficult times and we are so super grateful to all our patrons for investing your money into our lives. I know we say thank you for that a lot, but in all honesty, we can’t get over how much it’s helping us out. If you are unable to donate, we appreciate shares and links to our page as well. Everything helps! If you are interested in helping us financially, you can make a direct donation through the “donate” button on the right hand side of our site, or go to our Patreon page and make a contribution there. You can also help us be seen by voting for us on Top Webcomics. You don’t even need to register, you just need to complete a Captcha type thing.

We’re also happy to get comments on our comics and blog posts. It seems that the internet likes pointing traffic in our direction if there is interaction on our page. So don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you! It makes us happy to see your comments on our work. It’s always a pleasant surprise in our inboxes. :)

So, yeah. In a nutshell, the updates might go wonky until about January-ish, but we hope that things will return to normal in February. We’ll post more if there are any developments worth mentioning.

In the meantime, please have a look at our snazzy website which our coder and friend John has helped us set up! It is called Malhuys, which is a silly play on words, combining mine and Ben’s surnames (Malan + Geldenhuys), but which is also a homophone for the word “malhuis,” which in Afrikaans translates quite literally to “madhouse.” Corny but fun. :p Please share it with anyone who you think might be interested in commissioning some freelance work. We’ll populate our portfolio with some more work soon, but for now there is a fair idea of the kind of thing we do.

As always, thank you. We wouldn’t be where we are without you guys.

Much love

Danelle & Ben


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