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Witblits is a potent, home-distilled alcohol here in South Africa. The name means “white lightning” and it’s pretty accurate. The stuff is extremely potent, with alcohol contents in the area of 40%-64%. Though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen bottles with much higher content. I know people will immediately want to call it moonshine, but witblits is particular to the Cape area (where we live) and is made from grapes grown here. There’s another variant called mampoer, which is made from different types of fruits.

I suppose this is obvious, but in case you missed it: Reka is offering Noah some of the witblits so that he can steel his nerves against the pain of having sutures done on his eyebrow. I’m not sure how a sabre cat would drink from that tiny glass, though. The rest of the tot will be used to disinfect his wound, and I suppose some of the witblits stash gets used in The Longboat’s cooking, too. Multifunctional and efficient!

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Cottonstar at Open Book Comics Fest 2015

Open Book Comics Fest is upon us yet again!

We know we’ve been rather quiet lately. That’s largely because Ben has started a new job working longer hours, and we have both been working hard to get things organised for our wedding. I did not realise that we would have practically no weekends off until this wedding thing is done and dusted. I guess it makes sense but I never considered that this might happen!

So, onto business:

Cottonstar will be at Open Book Comics Fest again this year. If you don’t know what that is: Open Book Comics Fest forms of the Open Book Festival, which is a Cape Town based literary festival which is held each year in September. You check out our posts from previous years here, here and here.

We don’t have anything new printed for this event, unfortunately – but we still have stock of Chapter 1-4, as well as posters, magnets, buttons and stickers. We will also be selling a few original art pieces, and a little birdie told me that Ben might be taking one or two on-the-spot commissions.

I will also be on a panel discussion chaired by Mandy J Watson, along with Kay Carmichael and Tauriq Moosa, discussing gender and race in comics. It’s from 12pm-1pm on Sunday the 13th of September, at the District Six Homecoming Centre workshop. Entrance is free, but you need to RSVP on the Open Book Fest website here.

If you’re planning to come along, here’s a map of who will be stationed where:


As you can see, this year there will be a kid-friendly zone! Both of us have contributed art to be used as colouring pictures for the kidlets (or actually just anyone who feels like colouring them). Look out for Ben’s Brolloks & Bittergal, and my Jakkals en Wolf pictures. They’ll be floating around there.

See you guys at Comics Fest!


Danelle & Ben

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