So EGE (pronounced “Eggy*”) was pretty cool!

We arrived on Friday not really knowing what to expect. Ben helped me set up and then go to work, as he didn’t manage to get the full day off. Friday was pretty dead. We expected as much because the marketing for EGE was done rather badly and at very short notice, and people had no time to put in leave or make arrangements for the day. We made a couple of sales but nothing major.

Saturday more than made up for it! There were thousands of attendees. According to iafrica’s blog post on EGE, there were over 5000 people on the floor on Saturday! I also heard that EGE presold around 1000 tickets online, but not sure if that’s fact.  Even so, that’s pretty great for a first time, smallish event. These numbers prove that Cape Town has been starved of this kind of event for far too long. We saw a photo of the queue of people waiting to get in the door and it was about seven people wide and stretched along the entire CTICC to practically out the door. Crazy! But awesome. 🙂

We had some really lovely neighbours on either side too: Santosh Moses (SANARCHY) and Valentina Phillips (Veelocity Art) on one side and Juley Aron (Missy Mad Hatter) on the other side. It was great to meet and hang out with them.

Our friend Rowan did also did a nice write up of the day. It’s more in-depth than the iafrica one, which is more of a summary. You can read his post and see his photos here.

And now, some photos! Click the thumbnails to enlarge. (Edit: If they display weirdly, we apologise. This custom CSS does not play nicely with WordPress’ WYSIWYG editor. It makes photo display a bit tricky.)


Our booth, day 1!


Yay we’re at EGE! Photo by Zombiegamer.


Ben made a punk rock pokémon print featuring Ash and charizard, especially for EGE. It was our top seller!


Poor Noah, it keeps happening.


The crowd on Friday at opening, vs. on Saturday at opening.


Expo/con essentials.


Zombie Hoffman trading card done for Mandy Watson!


By day 3, our booth had spread out to occupy half a nearby empty table.

The only direction from here is up! See you next year, EGE.

*Not really. But don’t leave it to a few days before the expo to start telling people how to talk about your brand, claiming it’s pronounced “edge.” :B


  1. Dat Noah pic! *grabby hands*

    Hopefully next year will have better planning. With a 5k first round just think what it could be with the right marketing.

  2. […] do. EGE is at the end of this month, too, and we need to kick into high gear to prepare for that! Here’s our post on last year’s event, in case you missed it. Since we had such a great response last year, we figured it would be a […]

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