Happy Holidays 2019!

Happy holidays, everyone! Hope you are having a more comfy time than Noah in this sweater that Domino made him wear! <3

Life has a way of making you think you have time to finally get back to your beloved comic, and then yelling “SIKE!!” Sorry for our silence. We hope to have more pages up in the near future.

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Cottonstar is BACK!

Hey everyone! Wow, it has been A WHILE.

Life just keeps getting nuttier and nuttier and the scramble for survival never seems to get any less frantic. We were evicted about a year ago and have since found alternative accommodation in a high crime area at triple our previous rent, but it was the best compromise between being close to Ben’s work, having fibre internet and affordability. The house we live in now is really nice, but the crime has been a big issue. It’s quieter and more private, but we have to bring in our windshield wipers every time we park or they get stolen. BUT HEY! Life.

So, a development regarding Cottonstar:

We’ve decided to continue the comic in black and white, because doing full colour pages is just beyond our capacity at the moment. But we’ve both missed working on it so much that we just had to get back to it. We will still colour the pages for print, if and when it comes to that. We feel it’s better to put up b&w pages than no pages at all, and I think a lot of readers will agree.

Please watch this space. We are working on the new page currently, and it’s almost done. We’ll have it up ASAP! 🙂

Another note: We have closed down the Cottonstar Patreon page since we felt we were not offering anything of value. We instead opted to create and curate individual Patreon pages for our own art. If you are so inclined, please have a look at my Patreon, Ben’s Patreon, and my Etsy store! We apologise for the footers that still advertise our old Patreon page – they need to be removed one by one and I have yet to dive into the task.

As usual… thanks for sticking around!

<3 Danelle