How do you pronounce [character X]’s name?

Renier du Preez:

Vuis Visagie:



Dominique Jezebel Hartwick (Domino):

Ford Corthinus Visagie:

Hoffman the guineafowl:


How frequently do you update?

Ben’s day job as an animator and freelance illustration projects currently have us swamped, so the default for this question is “When we can.” When we do update, we announce it on our Facebook page and on our Twitter account.


How can I purchase a print copy of Cottonstar?

We are sold out of print copies for now! Thank you for your interest. We will have comics for sale again once we print Volume 1 of Cottonstar.


Do you attend any cons, expos or special events?

We try to! For now we mostly attend events within South Africa, but would love to attend international ones! Whenever we have an event coming up, we announce it on our Facebook page and on the site blog. 


Can I interview you for my thesis / assignment / article?

Yes! As long as you follow these basic guidelines:

~ Do not be impolite, pushy, rushy or demanding. If you left your research too late, don’t make that our problem!

~ Do not ask us to do your assignment for you – it’s up to you to extrapolate the themes and metaphors in our work.

~ Don’t try and use our words to fluff up your word count. Besides it being in bad form, if you are a tertiary education student, not referencing properly can result in expulsion! Just keep that in mind.

~ Do not ask us to do your research for you – our bios are readily available, in several places on the internet. It’s really easy to find out where we studied, where we’re from, how long we’ve been doing the comic, etc. Please read up as much as you can before you launch into your question set! Often, people ask us questions which a cursory glance over the blog archives, or a simple google search could have answered. It’s really frustrating.

~ This should go without saying, but please say thank you when we’re done helping you! We’ve had several people nag us for answers, then just disappear once they got them out of us. Real bummer.

~ Please send us a copy of, or link to, the piece you end up writing.

~ If your piece is published online, please add our social media and website links so that readers can find us.

That’s about it! Thank you for your interest in Cottonstar. 🙂