Arr ye scallywags!

Hey guys! We’re back from our weekend break! I’m sick as a dog. I caught Ben’s cold just as he was getting rid of it.

But! All is well, because besides giving me a cold, Ben also gave me a ring on the beach. 😀 We’re engaged!

Dat ring

After 5 years of dating (7 if you count the awkward internet crushes we had on each other). The ring was made from a diamond and metal from his mom’s engagement ring, and Ben designed it himself. We’re pretty chuffed! ;D

I hope you’ll excuse us for not having the page done yet, it’s been a bit overwhelming. And also Ben has a slew of paid work that he needs to get out of the way. We definitely ought to have it ready by Friday at least.

Also, a note to our Patreon supporters: Some of your cards were declined this month. If you pledge, try and make sure there’s enough in your account when the end of the month rolls around! We’re not angry or anything, we just thought it’s worth mentioning.

Thanks for your continued support. :3

Danelle & Ben




  1. Squeee indeed! Congrats you two xD

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats!

    Yeah, Paid work means the internet bill can be covered, which without, the web comic would never be delivered! Works for me, I appreciate what you can get out.
    2 years of internet dating? And you admit it? What are kids coming to these days, we never dated on the internet!… Oh yeah, binary was just being offered in math back then….. thought it was a joke, no one could count to 2.

    • Hah! I see what you did there. Nah we weren’t internet dating, we just liked each other a lot. We might have dated if he lived closer to me.

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