And that is Chapter 5 all wrapped! Who is this mystery feline? What is beer?? HMMM I guess it will have to remain in the ether for now!

As mentioned last week, the next update will be the beautiful new cover for Chapter 6. Unless you are currently supporting us on Patreon… then you get to see that shiny cover TODAY! 😀 After this, we’re not sure how the update schedule will go. We have to focus on freelance client work for now so that we can pay for the wedding and honeymoon roadtrip.

I’ll be doing some fun twitch streams with my friend Gromfalloon to raise additional funds soon. Give us both a follow if you’re keen on joining in! We’ll be doing a bunch of fun stuff like blindfolded drawing, and chat-guided drawing! You can find my twitch channel here.

Lastly, FanCon was an insanely good weekend. I’m busy typing up a blog post about that, so look out for it soon.

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  1. Felizis at May 14, 2016, 04:05

    O_O Awesome. I already like that character and have only seen the eyes and a part of the face so far. Totally curious to get to know that character more^^

  2. Ooooo, Nice kitty kitty, nice kikky kitty….

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