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  1. “How appropriate, you fight like a COW!”

  2. Vuis looks great on my favorites voting page at TWC!

    here’s hoping you get more viewers (and richer ones then I am too!)


    • Hehe thanks 🙂 Your voting helps though!

      • Vuis is now on many of the pages in my favorites when I vote! Yeah! Hopefully I’ll be joined by more people who love your comic!

      • BTW, The graphic that got me to look here, was Domino and her Smackarell having a discussion with Renier.

        • Oh cool, our banner ad. Good to know! We always wonder where our readers heard about our comic. We’ve taken out a sponsorship ad on the left so you’ll be seeing Vuis and his seagull friends on the left of TWC for a whole month.

          • Some of the sites will have several graphics/banners that alternate over the month. Domino Noah and Reka might be some good interchangeable alternates. Nothing against Renier! Well unless you feature his broom fighting, but I really liked the Smackarell one. ACTION and ‘why was she hitting him, much less with a fish?’ got my attention.

  3. Raven Song at July 31, 2015, 10:39

    Henceforth, when I walk through London and I miss South Africa… I shall start a fight and announce “You fight like a dairy farmer!”

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