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  1. “Abscond” 😛

  2. XMinusOne at March 4, 2014, 03:23

    Having just discovered this comic and having read through the archives, I can say I am mightily impressed. The artwork, character and costume design, scripting, backgrounds and pacing are all first rate. I have bookmarked this strip and am looking forward to future updates.

  3. Just discovered this comic and I’m soooooooo happy. I want to make webcomics in the future so it really motivates me when I see other South Africans are doing the same!

    Also, if that “Abscond” isn’t a Homestuck reference I will be thoroughly surprised.

    • It totally is. XD I love Homestuck.

      It’s exciting that you’re planning to make webcomics, we’d LOVE to see more local people producing that kind of work! Yay 😀 Thank you for your comment!

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