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As you may have read in our latest blog post, we are continuing the online version of our comic in monochrome (except for text). We’ll still be colouring for print, but we decided that updating in black and white is better than not updating at all. We simply don’t have the time to make full colour pages every week. I already miss the colour. 🙁 But fear not – once the comic is coloured for print, we’ll reupload all of these in colour.

Thanks for sticking around. You guys are the best. <3


  1. Adrolien at August 1, 2019, 12:15


  2. Russell B at August 4, 2019, 20:27

    Awesome! Thank you for not abandoning the Cottonstar!

  3. Good to have you back!

    Now… where had the cast all got up to when we last saw them? *cue archive-dive*

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