The good, the bad and the wedly

Hello everyone!

This blog post is to chat about the things we didn’t manage to cover in our FanCon post, namely life things.

Life thing number one: Mawwiage!


Yes, those are our feet! Photo by the amazing Grethe Rosseaux /

Yes, those are our feet. Photo by the amazing Grethe Rosseaux /


(Ten points if you just started reciting the wedding speech from Princess Bride!)

We actually put quite a bit of our wedding planning on the back burner to focus on making a success of FanCon, and to see the comic through to its print deadline. We’re glad we did, because it worked out wonderfully! However, that means that it is now Cottonstar’s turn to take a break. We’ve got some freelance things in the pipeline which we need to get done ASAP, because it will be funding a good chunk of the wedding. We also need to make sure to get enough downtime in, because we are both quite burnt out. We really want to enjoy the last few weeks of planning our wedding, and not be sick and grumpy and stressed out the whole time. So, to avoid this, we will be taking a three-ish month hiatus from Cottonstar, starting today. Updates will resume in August.

We want to put up some filler content if we can. We are planning a new wallpaper and some other goodies for our Patreon supporters, which means the older stuff will get released to the public. Yay! 🙂 If we do put extra stuff up, it will likely be from now until the end of June, but not after that, because we will be taking a few weeks off for our honeymoon. And then, shortly after we get back from that, it’s time for EGE 2016! We’re still finding out what the booth prices are for artists, and if it’s do-able, we’ll do it.

Next, as promised, we have new stock available online! Mugs and print copies (sketched and regular) of Chapter 5 are now available on Indiecomics. They’re still running the ACEO special: Spend R200 or more and you will receive a free ACEO card by a South African artist! I did one card and Ben did two cards. Go git ’em!

And lastly… we’re in talks with our printers regarding Volume 1 of Cottonstar. It would be 140-150 pages long and will contain some nifty extras like art, process work… we’re still deciding exactly what the extras will be, but there will definitely be bonus content. We’re trying to figure out what our options are, and if we could realistically pay for a print run that large. We’d love to print in time for Open Book Comics Fest in September, but that might be a bit too ambitious. We’ll see. We’re hesitant about crowdfunding, as we’re not sure we have a big enough following to make a success of it at this stage in our career. What do you guys think? We’d appreciate any suggestions!

That about covers what needed covering. As always, thank you to everyone for reading, commenting, and sharing our comic with your friends.

And extra special thank you to our wonderful Patreon supporters! You have no idea how much your contributions help us.

Stay safe and healthy.

See you guys soon!


Danelle & Ben

PS: Yes, we will post some photos of the wedding!

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