Life and work update!

Hello everyone!

Yes, we are in fact still alive! Sorry for leaving you all hanging! We thought it was high time for a post on how things stand and what’s been going on with us.

For the past year or so Ben has been working as a storyboard artist for Sunrise Productions, a local animation studio. The series he works on is called Jungle Beat and it’s really fun and cute! Jungle Beat has a couple of sub-series, including The Explorers and Munki and Trunk. Ben storyboards for the latter.

Sunrise Showreel – 2016 from Jungle Beat on Vimeo.

If that video embed doesn’t work on your browser, you can check out the Sunrise Productions’ showreel here. I think the series is great, and I’m not just saying that because Ben works on it! It’s really funny and appeals to all age groups. The show recently got kicked up a notch when it was picked up by Aardman. As in, Wallace & Gromit, The Pirates!, Shaun the Sheep, Chicken Run, Flushed Away Aardman. Exciting right?? So you can understand why Ben has been putting a lot of time into this project. His contract ends in February, and although we are hoping hard for a renewal, it’s not guaranteed.

My hand is still not great. At this point surgery looks inevitable. That will probably only happen next year though.

In other news, I now have my own Patreon page! Cottonstar is amazing, and I love working on it with Ben, but my art career extends far beyond a single collaborative project. Things you can expect: timelapse videos, WIPs, exclusive previews, discount codes for my Etsy store and more! You also gain access to my private twitter.

We’re not sure how things will pan out from here but we really, really want to get back to the comic ASAP. It’s still our baby and we miss updating and chatting with you all.

Thank you as always for sticking with us. We really appreciate you.


Danelle & Ben

Cottonstar on Patreon


  1. Wow, they’re as good as Dreamworks and Illumination; and leaps & bounds beyond Disnepixar!

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