Back from honeymoon!


It us!

Hey guys!

Yes, it is us, your favourite newlywed comic creators. We have arrived back from honeymoon! If you want to see a whole bunch of photos from it, the best place for that would be my instagram account. I also added a few bits and bobs of info regarding some of the places we visited and the stuff we saw.



Including this!

We had such a great wedding, you guys. It was just magical. Everyone always tells you that stuff will go wrong, and that you mustn’t let it get to you – well, I think ours was as close to perfect as dammit is to a swearword. There were things I was massively worried about going wrong – none of them did. In fact, considering all the stuff that could have gone terribly wrong, I feel like we pulled off a miracle! It was fantastic. We felt loved and happy, ate tasty food, took awesome photos, danced like maniacs, and had a lot of fun. We made sure that Sandstorm was on the playlist. Sure, the Neil Cicierega weirded out a few people on the dance floor. But it was so worth it. A whole glass of red wine did end up on my dress during the Trololo song… but that was at the end of the evening, after all the photos were done. It is currently at the dry cleaners, and they are doing their best to get the red wine out of the silk. Luckily my bridesmaids and various friends were on me like a flash and were soda-water-ing and white-wine-ing all the spots, which really helped. To see our photographer’s blog post about the day, go here! Recommended, seeing as the ones we post here will be smaller, and lower resolution than hers! We are so thrilled with the preview and can’t wait to see the rest.



Bridal squad!


We just love this photo.


I forgot half of my speech


Booyah! (We both really struggled to get our left ring fingers into that position!)

We’ll get back to updating soon, but first we have to wade through the enormous amount of admin that has filled up our inboxes since the beginning of the month (actually, to be honest, it’s been piling up since late June). There’s quite a lot we need to do. EGE is at the end of this month, too, and we need to kick into high gear to prepare for that! Here’s our post on last year’s event, in case you missed it. Since we had such a great response last year, we figured it would be a shame to miss out this year, wedding madness or no. If you want to help us recover financially, you can buy some art off my Etsy store, or tip me on stream via Paypal!

See you lovely folks soon.

Much love <3

Danelle & Ben


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  1. Congrats again to your wedding^^. The pictures you took are all completely amazing. Really I have never seen wedding photos of that great quality and interesting arrangement. The decor, the theme it is all so incredibly fitting and just looks so damn cool. I knew that you would do something that important in style but with that you have even surprised me^^ So I wish you the best of luck and that it may last forever. So cheers for the best bride and groom ever 😉

    • Ah thank you! We’re really happy with how they turned out, the photographer did an amazing job. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

      • oh yeah. The photographer as well as the one(s) who did the decorations, which is simply mindblowing cool^^ No problem. I wish just the very best for you 😉

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