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The return of the Wilhelm scream! Wilhelm screams for everybody!

Happy new year, friends! We trust you’ll have an amazing 2015. Big things are coming! 😀

So, this page was very nearly completed, when our cat decided it was a good time to jiggle the power cord at the back of Ben’s PC. The PC hard reset and the entire file corrupted, because it was in the process of saving when it happened. LUCKILY Ben had sent me a copy of the toned file to check out, otherwise we would have been screwed. Phew. So, here is the page, late in part because of cat shenanigans.


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  1. “KENK” – haha love that sound effect! Sho! Noah looks pissed!

  2. I’m not sure which to say, nice kitty kitty kitty, to Noah or Bad Kitty Kitty to Ben’s Irish Cat!

    If I was shipboard, I’d want to hide behind Noah, or should I run?

  3. hehahahahahahaha!

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