Page 20

Hey guys. We’re so sorry this page is late! Ben’s back at work and as usual that means our comic drawing time is being eaten into, usually with really bad timing. We wanted to finish page 20 over the weekend but! Our friend Ky was down in Cape Town for a visit, and we actually spent the weekend working on what we hope is the beginning of our Patreon video. We also recorded some plain audio pronunciations of our characters’ names. We need to edit that file and upload it. That’ll be much more straightforward than the video, which isn’t even remotely close to done.

Ky is a talented photographer and graphic designer. You can check out his work here.

Here is a lovely photo he took of our cat, Goya.

Kyle Goulden Photography

Cottonstar on Patreon


  1. Holy mackerel, those are some moves right there Du Preez. o.o

  2. Ridiculicious at June 1, 2017, 13:59

    “Hey Du Preez, I’m holding a ninja, Think Fast!”

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